This is the part where I bare all, right? Where I confess the age I lost my
virginity, how awkward the first date was, how I forgot *slapping
forehead* to get I started writing and where I get my
ideas from...?

Well...ain't gonna happen.  Suffice to say (now there's a phrase from a
million college essays) I was born, I grew up, and here I am...
bottle-aided hair color and all.

But I might as well take this opportunity to talk about my
philosophy...both of life and of my writing. See, I figure if life is a
journey, well...then, I'm packing light. As in...ix-nay on the aggage-bay.
So, I'm all about humor and not so much on the drama. Seriously. If
you're looking for heart-wrenching narrative, tragic heroines and dark,
brooding heroes, you've come to the wrong place. Ditto for the
vampires, faeries, wolves, and shapeshifters. Sorry about that. Even  
Field Of Dreams pissed me off.

At the risk of alienating future readers, I'll go out on a limb here. I write
the kind of romance I loved growing up...remember Phyllis Whitney and
Mary Stewart (before she went all Merlin and everything?)...that's what
I'm aiming for. With a slightly contemporary twist because my heroines
are tough without being "kick-ass," and independent without being

Sorta like me...which is probably all you need to know.
About...ME...Randy Jeanne