Randy Jeanne. . . Romance With Attitude
Short Stories
Romance For Two--Catering to our Romance                     True Romance June 2007
Confessions of A Maintenance Madam                                 True Romance July 2007
Risky Business                                                                  True Romance August 2007
High School Reunion                                                       True Romance August 2007
He Bowled His Way Into My Heart                         True Romance September 2007
Whispers of the Past (Tentative Title)                          True Romance October 2007
My High School Crush (Tentative Title)                      True Romance October 2007
For The Love Of Dog (Tentative Title)                    True Romance November 2007
The Man and The Mountain (Tentative Title)          True Romance December 2007
He Charmed His Way Into My Life (Part I)               True Romance February 2008
He Charmed His Way Into My Life (Part II)                  True Romance March 2008
Numbers Don't Lie  (Tentative Title)                             True Romance March 2008
All Clues Lead to Love (Tentative Title)                          True Romance April 2008
Fit For Love                                                                         True Romance June 2008
Temporary Wife (Tentative Title)                                      True Romance June 2008
Her Latin Lover (Tentative Title)                             True Romance September 2008
How a One-Eyed Collie Led Us to Love                    True Experience October 2008
When Love Works Out                                                 True Romance October 2008
My Dead-Beat Brother Is Ruining My Life                   True Romance January 2008
Mardi-Gras Masquerade                                              True Romance February 2008
Beating the Wintertime Blues                                         True Romance March 2008
Leave It To Lucy                                                                True Romance April 2008
In March 2007, on a Tuesday evening, I emailed
my first submission to True Romance Magazine.
On Friday, I got home to find a contract in the
mail! Since then, I always try to have a little
something in the submission pipeline. And yes,
each of these stories is based on either my own
life or that of someone I know!