My writing journey begins like this....

Once upon a time, there was a girl who wanted to grow up to be an
illustrious lawyer like Carson Drew (Nancy's father). But when the little girl
got older, she realized she had it all wrong. What she really wanted was
to be  the titian-haired detective who got to drive the car with the rumble
seat (even though she didn’t precisely know what a rumble seat was).
She also didn't know much about detective work, didn’t have a clue
where to find friends named Bess and George (well, Bess might not have
been too hard, but George?) and she couldn’t find that car with the
rumble seat.

So instead she went to college, and while snagging a couple degrees,
decided jobs−most jobs−were so dreadfully boring she thought she might
die if she had to work at one the rest of her life...until she went the Kelly
Girl route (yes, back in the days when Kelly was a GIRL) and "temped"
for an entertainment firm.

Finally, she knew what to do with her life. Screw the IBM interviews.
Forget about Bank of America. She would work in the television industry
where fascinating people made the days less dull.

Only, she discovered once again, that she had it all wrong. Sure,
dancing next to Christopher Reeve at the premiere of Fame was exciting.
Yes, lunching at Hollywood hot spots made each day a thrill.  And who
could deny that Oscar parties at fancy Beverly Hills restaurants weren’t
just what she was looking for?

But, to bastardize the lyrics of Peggy Lee…That’s All There Was.

Back she went to the drawing board.  This time closer to home−as in the
family business. The ONE THING in life, she’d sworn against.

Twenty years passed.

She would never leave her job, but she was single and looking for

What did she do? What she'd always done…she looked in the wrong
place and became a romance WRITER instead of a romance DOER.

As someone once said: If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll
always get what you already have.

(Okay, not sure what that last part has to do with anything, but it's my
favorite saying and I wanted to work it in somewhere.)
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